All of us have grown up in some sort of a culture. There is a lot spoken about culture these days. In most cultures you would find the good and the bad. We all feel a bit defensive about our culture. I get tired of some academics and media who seem to loathe every aspect of the white European culture. It is portrayed as the cause of every evil on the planet. The same people ignore the positive side of the culture where women are held in higher regard than any other culture, we have freedom of speech and people are treated with dignity. They also conveniently ignore some of the very racist traits ingrained in other cultures.

Jesus Himself made little reference to culture. In fact He spoke a lot more about people leaving the bad aspects of their culture and coming into a different kingdom. The kingdom He spoke of was one of truth and one where God was to be worshipped in Spirit and in Truth. It was a kingdom where people of all backgrounds and culture come on equal terms. They all come as sinners in need of grace and are given the right to become children of God due to His wonderful sacrifice.

Unfortunately a lot of the culture our children is growing up in today is dictated by television. Young people imitate the lives of the actors who lives are often a diaster. What sane person would really want to follow the path of Marilyn Monroe, Paris Hilton or Kylie Minogue and yet we have millions trying to imitate them.

At some time or another many people realise that they have conformed to a culture that demands shallowness and masks. A meaningful relationship with our Creator is the only thing that releases a person into their God-given destiny. The Apostle Paul with all his weaknesses was able to write ‘I am who I am by the grace of God’ (1 Corinthians 15:10)

Jesus Himself was not welcomed into His own culture. Instead He created a new culture of love. He invites all those who are sick of shallowness and masks to join this new culture.

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