Prayer meetings are held at 518 Hannan St on Tuesday mornings from 6-7am and on Thursday evenings from 7-8pm.

Sunday Morning Services 9.30am at 518 Hannan St, Kalgoorlie (and also available online via Zoom).

Sunday Afternoon Services 2pm at 46 Larkin St, Kambalda East

Home Group is on Tuesdays hosted by David and Tina Leilua in their home from 7-8.30pm lead by Andy Osei.

Ps Eddie Robertson sometimes holds Bible studies on a Monday evening.

Point of Change (POC) Youth Group  - during school terms every Friday from 7pm.  See Youth for more information about POC.

Kids Konnect children's ministry during the 9.30am service except during school holidays.

Kids' Talks with Colin Buchanan.

Kids Talks Episode 1: Big Things

Kids Talks Episode 2:  God is in Control

Kids Talks Episode 3:  March 31 Super Saviour Easter

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There was a time in King David's life when he was betrayed by a very close friend. He wrote of the pain and anguish associated with that very painful event. He basically said that if he was betrayed by an enemy he could bear it but not one who had been considered not only a close friend but a counsellor.  In today’s world it would be similar to having a family member or someone you really trusted betray you.

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