ywsafrthumbywoodsmapthumbYvonne Woods  - ACC World Missions
White River
South Africa

Yvonne's latest news:

Yvonne is part of the team at Africa School of Missions with her role being to run the outreach clinic and assist in the White River Medical Centre.  She loves her work and has developed relationships of trust amongst the many families she treats in this community.  Prior to going to the mission field Yvonne was based in Perth.  She has been working in White River since about 1999.

Latest Pastor's Pen


There was a time in King David's life when he was betrayed by a very close friend. He wrote of the pain and anguish associated with that very painful event. He basically said that if he was betrayed by an enemy he could bear it but not one who had been considered not only a close friend but a counsellor.  In today’s world it would be similar to having a family member or someone you really trusted betray you.

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