The chaplaincy service at the local prison sees Bill Kirkland as the coordinating chaplain along with a couple of other people assisting him. Along with a regular schedule of visitation, special services and celebrations are held at Easter and Christmas and some other special dates.

Please remember to uphold this ministry in prayer.

If you are interested in providing some form of ministry yourself you will need to obtain a clearance.

Some of the types of ministry currently underway include:

Bible study

To obtain a clearance you need to provide a copy of your drivers licence to the Prison via the coordinating Chaplain, Bill Kirkland.

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There was a time in King David's life when he was betrayed by a very close friend. He wrote of the pain and anguish associated with that very painful event. He basically said that if he was betrayed by an enemy he could bear it but not one who had been considered not only a close friend but a counsellor.  In today’s world it would be similar to having a family member or someone you really trusted betray you.

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