Without any absolutes in our lives we end up with a lot of gray areas. Bill Gothard said that what each generation does in moderation the next will do in excess. Many people experimented with marijuana in the 70’s and 80’s and now we have common use among teenagers. Many end up with mental problems. It was not too many years ago that most people saw the Ten Commandments as a measuring rod for a nation's morality. Today the authority of the Bible is called into question by many.

It amazes me how quickly in Australia we have turned every issue into a gray area. As a result we reward laziness and call it welfare; neglect to discipline our children and call it building self esteem; abuse power and call it politics; and pollute our minds with pornography and profanity and call it freedom of choice.

One current gray area is in the area of stem cell research. Once a life was recognised at conception but now some medical professions claim that a foetus isn’t a life until a certain number of weeks. In gray areas the ends always seems to justify the means.

Throughout history people who were not afraid to call good, “good” and evil, “evil” have always been criticized. They have been called old fashioned, bigots and religious nuts. It certainly takes more courage to live by absolutes than to join the masses living in gray areas.

Bible believing Christians have standards that never have and never will change. They have been put in place by God for our protection. These standards lead to freedom and peace of mind. They lead to healthy families and a prosperous life.

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