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Ben and Angela were based in the Donetsk region of Ukraine prior to the fighting which broke out in 2013.  Now they are based in the UK and travel to Ukraine as often as possible whilst maintaining contact with the orphans they were ministering to before via social media.

Like cold water to a weary soul, is good news from a distant land. Proverbs 25:25

Thorpe's latest newsletter here:

Dear friends,

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.  Here is an update on what's been happening in the life of the Thorpes.  Please pray for Ben as he travels to Ukraine as often as possible.


Ben, Ange and Annalise



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There was a time in King David's life when he was betrayed by a very close friend. He wrote of the pain and anguish associated with that very painful event. He basically said that if he was betrayed by an enemy he could bear it but not one who had been considered not only a close friend but a counsellor.  In today’s world it would be similar to having a family member or someone you really trusted betray you.

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